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"I’ve read lots of books on grace over the years, but none written with such open vulnerability and obvious dependence on God. Breathe Underwater is written for anyone wanting to know, “Just what is this Grace I keep hearing about, and what does it look like?” Janalee answers those questions as she engages the reader through sharing some of her own life experiences that elicit familiar feelings from us. She then allows us to listen in on her conversations with both herself and with God as she processes the events that happen."

Breathe Underwater Book Reviews

Smith’s book, Breathe Underwater, provides a pathway for healing and hope for everyone seeking to die to self and live for Christ in this world. Written with vivid imagery and personal examples, the book flows easily through Smith’s story, supporting her areas of insight and growth with copious Scripture and additional texts to reinforce our necessity for dependence on God in all things. With discussion and reflection questions regularly spaced throughout the book, I intend to recommend this text to many of my counseling clients struggling with areas of hurt, forgiveness, insight and awareness, and a willingness to acknowledge our utter dependence on God for life and breath in our daily functioning and relationships. Smith provides clear narrative of her story of struggle and growth while demonstrating her progression of insight and learning to challenge the reader to join her in pursuing the light of hope found in relationship with Jesus. An excellent read that I would recommend to anyone and everyone. 



Beautiful testimony of God’s grace in and through the many challenges of life. So many of us are simply holding our breath trying to make it through the struggles of each day when the Lord is desiring us to live in the joy of His abundant love, grace and mercy. Janalee does an amazing job articulating how we can live and breath in this abundance despite circumstances. Janalee gave words to truths I’ve experienced but could not have put into words! I highly recommend this book!



This book is a first hand testimony of God’s enduring love for us and faith to us. It is a humble reminder that God is always working in our lives if we are willing to make him our center and fight for the lives he wants us to have.



Breathe Underwater by Janalee Smith, is a deeply personal and honest account of one woman’s journey with God through life’s unexpected challenges.  It encouraged me greatly to read that even though her road hasn’t been easy, she has kept her focus on Him.  Her life and words are a testament to how she lives and how she loves others. Through her pain she has learned mercy and grace for herself and beautifully offers it to others.  I’m so thankful to have read her book and been blessed by her words and wisdom.



This book is full of deep theology made easily accessible with simple, entertaining, sometimes painful stories. It can be a quick read or better, a slow section at a time, soaker. The bibliography reflects much research and thought poured into the pages, the humor keeps it real. This is one that will be re-read over and over.



Stuff your napkin down your shirt and pull up to a good steak and potatoes banquet: this book is delicious, full of Grace and Truth, challenging and provoking of heart and mind. I plan to read again to digest it well. It stirred my soul, and gave me hope that God hears, is gentle with our process of healing and intends good for us. Keep going! Rest in His love, and get this text in your hands! You can thank me for it later. :)



This book is a refreshingly honest look into Janalee's life and the gracious ways God sustained her and her family through difficult times. It shows how God can bring healing through His grace into our every day lives. I read it quickly and hope to read it again more slowly so that I can really take in more!



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